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Welcome Lubbock  

 Retail Electric Competition begins January 2024


Let The Shopping Begin

  • When the retail competition shopping window opens on January 5, 2024, customers will have six weeks to shop for and choose a provider. 

  • We are a tremendous asset for Lubbock business owners as we specialize in helping businesses identify the lowest prices and secure a contract.


You Must Pick A Provider OR

  • All customers that have not chosen their electric provider at the end of the shopping window will be assigned a default provider.

  • Dont let this happen to you as default prices are typically expensive.

  • Customers will transition to their new providers and receive a final electric bill from LP&L in March 2024.


Dont Get Stuck In Line

  • The electricity providers will base their rates off of the amount of electricity the business uses annually.

  • This "Historical Usage Report" will be provided by Lubbock Power and Light.

  • With over 11,000 buinesses submitting a request in the 6 week window a delay here could cause many to miss the March deadline. Don't wait on this step.


Residential Electricity Plans 

To view the latest residential electricity plans for your area click here!

Get in Touch

Phone: 903-218-4900

We offer some of the lowest prices on commerical electricity in Lubbock.

Give us a try, we'll do our best to make you proud.

Commerical Electricity Plans 

To view commercial electricity plans for your business email us below. We will send you our lowest offers right away.

Thanks for reaching out!

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