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  Texans to vote on constitutional    amendment to create a state energy fund.   

Electricity prices are expected to rise…

With the rapid growth of its population, the demand for energy in Texas has risen dramatically. The cost of electricity in Texas has increased due to a variety of factors, including increasing demand, changes in energy policies, and fluctuations in the price of natural gas, which is a major source of electricity in the state.

electricity price increase in Texas

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is responsible for ensuring that the grid has enough power to meet demand while keeping prices competitive. To maintain reliability, ERCOT must balance supply and demand throughout the year, but the surge in demand over the past few years has strained the system and led to higher prices.

no new power plants.png

Charlotte Scott

Spectrum News 

October 2023

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“The Legislature again dodged any responsible action in the ‘23 session, as they did in the ‘21 session,” Hirs said. “We are at a point where we do not have enough dispatchable power plants–coal, nuclear, natural gas–to carry the load,” said Ed Hirs, an energy fellow at the University of Houston.

We have no new power plants. And so, at some point, the voter and consumer in ERCOT is going to get fed up with this lack of executive leadership by the elected leaders in Austin.”

“Demand for electricity has been soaring in Texas, a result of population growth, record-breaking summer heat and the increase in energy-intensive industrial production, particularly cryptocurrency mining. Before the summer began, ERCOT underestimated the demand by a significant margin...”

author J David Goodman

David J. Goodman

New York Time

October 2023

new york times
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“According to CBS News…, immigration officials on average made 6,900 apprehensions per day along the southern border…” “In El Paso, city officials have opened an emergency overflow shelter to prepare for a rapid increase of asylum seekers. ”

Uriel J. Garcia

The Texas Tribune

September 2023

Uriel J. Garcia

Energy expert says Texas power grid won't hold up forever…

“If the trajectory continues to go up at the rate It’s gone up, the system will break at some point, we have to intervene on the demand side.” Doug Lewin of Stoic Energy

Brett Shipp explains Texas electricity problems

Brett Shipp

Spectrum News

September 2023

Doug Lewin ERCOT in trouble

According to experts there are no new power plants scheduled to come online in Texas for the next couple of years. This means consumers can anticipate prices to rise. The question is how high prices will go before new power plants can be built. It will take approximately two years for a power plant to come online once the decision has been made to build.


While the state has taken steps to address the rising prices and enhance its energy infrastructure, there is still work to be done to ensure that Texas has a stable energy grid that can meet the needs of its growing population.


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